Follow Fridays on the Twitter are out of control! Don’t get me wrong I love a Follow Friday #FF recommendation and appreciate everyone I get. But I’ve had to wonder- how weighted is my #FF and does anyone care who I recommend to follow? Typically, most tweeps blast all their favorite peoples and the list can be long. Soon after, and following some unwritten twit-good-form-etiquette, these people then tweet the obligatory return #FF. Mind you, I don’t have the same amount of followers or follow as many people as my more famed counterparts do. But if I wanted to see someone’s friends list I would go to their profile page. The #FF is devalued by this- or at least mine is anyways. So, to curb this I am launching Operation Follow Friday 1, code name and twitter hash tag: #FF1. I’m an infantryman, if you want sexy code names go find some staff officer.

AirborneAngler Follow Friday Archive:
Roderick Hawg-Brown – @RodrickHawgBrown 04/20/2012
David Ellzey – @TexasRiverBum 03/14/2012
Matt Bennett – @TXFlyGeek 03/23/2012
Shawn Bichsel – @sbixel 03/30/2012