Battle Tracking the Texas Hill Country Mixed Bag Contest 2012.

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The Texas Hill Country Mixed Bag Contest 2012 is the first annual event sponsored by to promote fly fishing the Texas Hill Country. Offical rules and information can be found here:

This page is dedicated to keeping a chronological order of events and updated log of my progress. For this page’s purposes “D-day” indicates the first day of the contest.

All the Way!

D-day minus 34 (D-34), 12MAR12
D-day minus 28 (D-28), 18MAR12
D-day minus 3 (D-3), 11APR12
D-Day minus 0 (D-0), 14 APR12
D-Day plus 3 (D+3), 17APR12
D-Day plus 15 (D+15), 29APR12
D-Day plus 20 (D+20), 04MAY12
D-Day plus 26 (D+26), 10MAY12
D-Day plus 42 (D+42), 26MAY12
D-Day plus 107 (D+107), 29JUL12
D-Day plus 141 (D+141), 03SEP12
D-Day plus 155 (D+155), 16SEP12