This page’s images contain links to the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) Current Water Data for select Texas Hill Country waters. More will be added as time moves along. Without comment it will be added at my sluggish computer speed because I will be stuck in fishing gear. If you want something added sound off in the comments below and be heard. Otherwise, silence is compliance and I’ll get to as I can. My intent here is to share information on waters I know or direct you to where the better information is in order to promote the Texas Hill Country.

Click image for Barton Creek flow data

You’d never know the hidden gem of Barton Creek until you stumble into its wilderness hidden well within Austin City limits.

Click image for Bull Creek flow data

North West in the Austin area is another urban fishing opportunity. Closer to the lake conveniently located is The County Line BBQ restaurant.

Click image for Colorado River flow data

The mighty Colorado River- the first thing anyone will tell you is to be careful of its under current. After you have that covered its a great place to fish for a wide variety of fish and good size bass. This river makes up many a lake in and around the Austin area.

Click image for Blanco River flow data

The Blanco is quickly becoming my go to spot as this is the river I have spent most of my time on and many a lessons learned.

Click image for Llano River flow data

The section of this river I am familiar with is great for wade fishing. Long casts and stealthy moves are key here.

Click image for San Gabriel flow data

White Bass mania central in the spring. The San Gabriel is a fun river I’m still exploring.

Click image for Guadalupe River flow data

If you want trout in Texas, this is where it is at. As far as browns and bows are concerned you go no further south. The “Guad” despite our Texas heat is capable of sustaining these fish through ‘season’ and even has a few ‘hold over’ surprises throught the year.