Check the radar on Texas Hill Country Rivers here!

Hey there fish fans! No fly fishing blog or forum would be complete without a shout out to fellow bloggers, good sites for reference, or gear/gear-modifications tracking. This page is ever a work in progress- so don’t be upset if your site appears to be ‘out-of-ranks’. AirborneAngler has you accounted for, just take a knee, drink some water, and wait-out. You’re on the radar and we’ll be getting to you soon.

The Blog Squad:

Texas River Bum
Great resource for learning more about and the Texas Hill Country.

Fly Geek
Self described fly geek and “shop rat” for an Austin Metro area fly shop, Matt pursues fly tying perfection and mastery. Check out his artistry and shenanigans over at

Lines In The Dirt – LITD
No one does fly fish art the way can on an iPad.
Craziness, Candor, Comedy. That is all that needs to be said.

Die Fische
An artist with a flyrod, camera, keyboard and all around awesome blog.

Texas Fly Fishing Adventures
In no particular order: Writer, Angler, Custom Rod Builder, and Adventurer. Safe to say above all-Texan.

No Clear Line
A true patron of the Texas’ beloved Guadalupe River- Mark is a self described “child of the 60′s, disciple of Christ, mother nature’s son. Blogging through life’s experiences through the lens of faith, family, and the outdoors.”

Airborne Angler Adventures
This Jump Master’s angling adventures started here on the Texas coast! Now a full fledged guide in North Carolina, you can give Michael a call when you’re ready to cast a line in the big ocean blue. That’s what we call ‘the pond’ for for those unfamiliar with the airborne speak.

Also on the AA Radar

Tactical Tackle (Tac-Tak)
Guerrilla Fly Gear (GFG)