If you’re a Leg… I say that term gently for my non-Airborne qualified comrades… you won’t understand. If your a Leg with good taste you might have an idea. But I’ve seen the glory that is the old school WWII jump boot and they are dreamy. Let’s talk throw backs. Everyone is all hyped up (and has been longing) for the pinks and greens to come back (albeit dreading yet another uniform purchase. Read: “get it together already Army”). But if this doesn’t become the standard then what do we have standards for?

I saw these beautiful brown leather jump boots recently on a chance opportunity trip to Gettysburg. Walking through the town post the tour my group stopped to window shop a surplus/gift shop store. Walking in like any good gear junkie would do I spotted these. The fluorescent tube lighting cut through the aisle to a pair of something familiar. Something glorious. Have I said glorious yet? To a pair of brown leather jump boots propped up in glory atop of OD green foot locker pedestal. They were just reaching out to me in offer like, “here, take us… we’re beautiful.”

Somehow it never dawned on me that WWII era Jump Boots may have been brown. I just always had to spit shine the hell out of the black ones I purchased after Airborne School. Never. Had. I. Ever. Thought of such a beautiful dreamy pair of brown boots so painful I’d want to wear.

Have I mentioned they were glorious?

See you on the high ground (hopefully wearing these),


P.S. If you’re not singing the Divison Song or “Blood on the Risers” after seeing these now… you’re wrong. The only reason I didn’t get them is they didn’t fit. I almost bought them anyway.