I’ve been on radio silence. I know. Not writing much (at all), just laying low. I’m one kid into it and one on the way. Biggest blessings of my life but doesn’t leave time a lot of time (at the moment) for false casts and grip n’ grins.

I had a guide trip planned last April. Scrubbed on account of the weather like every other sliver of water time I’ve had over the last year. So now I’ve got a December trip I’m counting on and need in a bad way. This crazy election season is over and like ever other angler out there I just want to get back on the river.

Looking at New Mexico out of Taos. Hoping some unplanned chance of misfortune doesn’t befall me (again)- so not trying to get the hopes too high. So, we’ll see… we’ll pray. I’ll keep you updated.

See you on the high ground,