When I started this question, “3 Things Inquiring Anglers Want to Know About the Apple iWatch,” I was after some pretty basic things. How does it hold up in the water? How long does it hold a battery charge? And, what are the aftermarket options? All this was to decide if it was worth all the hype and the cash I’d have to fork over to have one. Well, after having one for a couple of months now the ultimate answer is still up to the angler- but for me in a word yes. Read on.

Does it hold up in the water? Apple recommends that you do not expose an iWatch to prolonged periods of submersion or much depth. The official claim is “water resistant.” However, reports from online searches and personal experience uphold their claim that it doesn’t melt on contact and some have said they’ve swam with it. While I do not wear it in the shower (great time to recharge), I wouldn’t be afraid to net a fish with it or support an underwater release. Be brief. It is an expensive electronic device after all. If you need to see more here’s what happens when you torture the Apple Watch from cnet.com. I cringed a lot but it survived all minus the final test. 

Then there’s the battery life. With my amount of usage, activity and how much I play with it during the day my iWatch it holds over a day’s charge. There are lower power settings adjustable when you start to suck the juice dry- but for me there’s still a daily charge requirement for uninterrupted usage. I find after I wake up I can charge it and be good to go in the time it takes me to shower and walk out the door for the next 24 hours. It works for my routine. 

Not only does it work for my routine, but it also works for my style and is AR 670-1 compliant for Wear and Aapearance of the Army Uniform. That might not be important for you, but it’s a necessary evil for those in uniform. The all black silicone stock ‘sport’ band fits the bill for my needs but personal options abound in all the styles, materials and looks just about anyone could want. 

In the end I’m glad I have my iWatch. It’s useful but not necessary, handy but not required. I’ve already admitted my gear junkie addictions and the compliments I recieve on it do make it some what of a status symbol. I like the fitness tracking with my health but does it make me a better angler? No. If it did I’d be a pretty sorry sort of angler anyways. But I don’t have to dig for my phone when fishing as much and that alone makes all the value to me. As of now I only see the next gen models getting better. 

Do you have one? Let me know what you think. Questions because you’re still not sure if you want one? Ask.

See you on the high ground,