If EDC means anything to you, then I’m pretty sure you already know about Keybar.us. I didn’t know EDC meant “Everyday Carry,” until I stared searching Keybar on Instagram. Then I learned of all the EDC tools out there. So, to revalidate my inner-repressed gear junkie vices for having been so oblivious… I went and bought one. In copper. 

I’ve added a foliage green 550 cord lanyard with a cool MOAB copper bead. I also picked up the ‘keyrabiner’ and bottle opener tools just in case. And since it already came with a fob link I didn’t have to buy a spare for the car keys. Now all the jingle-jangle is toned down a bit and my keys are classed up a notch.

So, pocket dump time. Let’s see your Everday Carry pics in the comments below. Load a pic or leave an Instagram link and tell us what your most indispensable EDC tools are. 

See you on the high ground,