Maybe you’ve heard it before and maybe quoting a stat is cliché- but 22 Vets a day is just way too many.  I’m talking about the 22 American Veterans that take their life daily. That’s both sides of the ball on a Friday night high school football game. But not just on Friday, again on Saturday, Sunday and the entire next week again and again.

I want to thank Yeti for showcasing the non-profit organizations like Heros and Horses helping Heros make it home from the wars still waging in their minds. Watch the video above for inspiration, visit their page for info or to donate- then drop Yeti and Heros and Horses a social media thank you with a #ThxYeti180Out and #22vetsaday to show your support.

Veterans, Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Marines… before you think about tapping out- reach out. Let us help because we want to. Let us help because life IS NOT better without you here. We needed you to answer the call and we need you still. So muster whatever final bit of courage you have left and say something. Talk to your battle buddy, chain of command, spouse, friend, pastor, VA Counselor or call a hotline. So many people want to help there’s too many to list.

“It’s the struggle in life that gives things value…” 180 Out.

See you on the high ground before Valhalla,