With the warmer weather the spring also brings with it what I like to refer to as (and fear most) the Koo Koo bird. I’ll describe them here in a minute. But first let me preface my description with an olive branch of sorts. 

To anyone approaching the river banks where I am, I welcome you. Not like the river is mine and that I own it. But in a, “I’ve found something good here. Step on in and getcha some of this good too.”

Now, so I may explain myself and the need for an olive branch… here is a Koo Koo bird (aka Tuber, aka Toober, aka The Party Crowd) as I personally find them. Koo Koo birds are often identified by inflatable floatation devices, coolers, boom boxes and other miscellaneous resources for entertainment.  While they come in many shapes, sizes, assortments, and recreational preferences- you can alway identify the Koo Koo bird by the noise it makes. 

“Hey y’all! Watch this!!” [Splash!]

“Koooooooo kooooooooo!!!!”  [Splash!]

“Hahahahahaha. Do it again (Koo Koo birds name)!”  [Splash!]

Even still, while the Koo Koo bird has numerous calls- even more unmistakable is the audible level it can attain and sustain. None are louder than they. And that itself is enough to set anglers (shhhh, you’re scaring the fish) at odds with the bird already. What makes them even more unbearable is the refuse they leave in their wake. 

To all my Koo Koo birds out there… No one wants your trash on the river or hear you 5 miles down it!

See, I appolgize in advance that proudly bearing the title Fly Fisher or Angler sounds like a self imposed moral superiority to others. I’m working on changing that perception by being humble. Sorry guys/gals… and I mean that. As an angler though, I know water quality plays high into the pursuit of my passions. So I care about it.

This is where Koo Koo bird waste and noise management (or lack there of) conflicts with my soul. Now, I know not all river-tubing, boom box-toting, cooler-carrying, party animals on the river leave waste. But for the sake of the river and all who love it (in any capacity)- lets police each other up, share and share alike a resource we all love and need. The river is too beautiful a thing to waste. 

Lose a flip flop on the water? Make every attempt to retrieve it. See your buddy leave a beer can behind? Kick’em in the pants to pick it up (be he/she angler or tuber). 

Our common ground is that we all love the river and look to it for so much joy. If we can respect each other there first- maybe passing/floating by a little less loud wouldn’t hurt. Maybe, I won’t cast a weighted fly towards your face. Heck, maybe we can both stop and share a beer together (and both make sure said cans make it to the trash). How cool would that be? High five and float on. Or here let me help you take that group pic so everyone is in it. 

Just some thoughts as the spring arrives. 

See you on the high ground,