So Texas Trout season is winding down. Troutfest came and went- and of course I was in the field that weekend. So, as the White Bass run is nigh upon us I was looking over the target board. While its not as picture laden as the Project Whiskey Bravo board, it still was fun to make. What’s important to me is that while there are pics from a guide trip with my mom, it also has some pics of my solo trips sans guide. (I was hoping I didn’t go to guide school for nothing!)

While Texas Trout can be caught year round, the holdovers work hard to survive and potentially (hopefully and has happened before) spawn. So the kinder anglers lay off the pressure a bit as the warmer weather comes around. Plus, there’s all the low hanging fruit of the white bass coming up. And after that the bucket mouth bite is on. Chasing guadies in the fall and back to trout in the winter. 

Man, it’s hard living the good life. 

See you on the high ground,