Things you remember and things you forget when you haven’t gone fishing in over two months can hurt. With nothing but fishing and adrenalin poisoning on the brain, I stepped off minus a few key items. Luckily, I got over today. I made a connection, set a hook, and walked away with a smile after a quick grip and grin. So here it goes…

Things you forget:

1) It was overcast today and I don’t often wear my shades in winter. Yup, I forgot my sun glasses and it hurt. The water I should’ve been able to see thru was a glairy void of unknown. I was casting blind. 

2) I forgot my net. Normally I leave things packed in my vehicle ready to go at a moments notice. With all the travel and rearranging I still need to find that thing. However, fortune dictated that still get my only catch, a nice little Guadalupe Bass to hand.

3) I forgot how much you can still always work on your cast. Nothing too rusty today- but with the conditions, and angles and flows… an extra foot or 3 would’ve been nice. 

But the one thing I never forget…

I never forget how much I love the sport. I remember to be grateful for every day, hour, minute I spend on the water. And I appreciate every little fish for their size, worth and beauty. 

Of course I appreciate the bigger ones a whole lot more too. But that’s fishing and I’m happy for every find. 

See you on the high ground,