What an awesome year on the water. I want to sincerely thank any and all who follow- that spend even a second to glance over the few words or photos I share.

Highlights this year include:

– First White Bass on the fly
– Diablo PS Chupacabra acquisition
– Placed 3rd in the Living Waters Fly Fishing 1-Fly Tournament
– Attending Fly Fishing Guide School in Ft. Smith, Montana

In all I spent a solid 35 days on the water. I can’t complain with over 1 month in 12 pursuing my passions. In the new year I’ll endeavor to spend more time here, even with the increasing demands of the uniform and life itself. It’s important for me to be on the water… and it’s my greatest hope that you find inspiration to purse it here; if no where else.

See you in the New Year,

Be safe out there!