Field watches… good ones are hard to find and even the best can only last so long. The wear and tear a Soldier can lay the smack down on one is often more than many can bear. So when a grunt finally decides to purchase one it’s based off of 3 major considerations.

1) Does it meet AR 670-1 regulations?
2) Affordable price to durability ratio?
3) [And probably most importantly] Does it look cool?

When a joe finds one that meets all 3- you’ll likely see him telling his buddies, “Hey bro, ask me what time it is…”

I have one that was gifted to me and cost more than I was willing to spend on myself. It’s lasted a deployment and 3 PCS’s (Permanent Changes of Stations- reassignments). And because it’s lasted me so long I haven’t had reason to take it off. My watch stays on 24/7. So when I decided the synthetic watch band was weathered a little too stiff- I decided to replace it. It’s been a great watch and I wanted to keep it.

What I saw when things came apart almost made me throw up. Mud, sweat, and gunk lay hidden below and over the last several years that probably accounted for a sick day or two. None of this could be seen when worn because I shower with it in too and it gets scrubbed like everything else. Because the watch band isn’t cloth it doesn’t smell sweaty either. It looked completely clean!

I quickly set to removing the rubber housing and swapped the bands once cleaned up. So if you have a good watch, wear it like I do and want to keep it- do yourself the favor and clean it up every now and then. Trust me you’ll thank me for it later.


Maintenance- clean your wrist clock just like anything else!

See you on the high ground,