Months ago I dinged up my G. Loomis Venture 3 fly reel. I was quite disheartened about it because I love that little reel. However, after applying a bandaid fix and some bubble gum I was able to remedy the snafu and keep the spool from popping off. Since the model is discontinued and I have a work around in place… I’ve kept fishing it.

Someone finally suggested I contact their customer service for parts (novel idea!) and I did. What G. Loomis did next almost made me fall over and made me forever a fan. They didn’t charge me, ask me to send anything back, request pre-paid postage… they just sent a new spool in the mail!

That’s a company caring about their customers, taking care of their fan base and taking care of their name. No questions asked, just solutions. And that’s a sentiment I love about this sport and all the little fly shops, gear and clothing manufactures who pay it forward. And that’s what will keep me coming back because they keep me on the water.

They’re on the high ground.

See you there,