When I first saw this pen it looked all too commonplace. The silhouettes all too familiar; an ink pen and 7.62 cartridges. Wait… what?

Yes, an ink pen made of 7.62 cartridges. Classy, like machine-gun-infantry classy, baby. Yeah.

Turns out the owner of the pen, a friend of a friend, happened to be peddling them too. It’s a longer story than anyone wants to hear but I’ll hit the highlights:

  • Vendor: www.pens4vets.com
  • Manufacturer: Veterans
  • Casing: Expended.308 (7.62mm) cartridge
  • Refillable: Yes. Uses Cross® Pen Company‎ refills
  • Cost: $24.99 + shipping & handling
  • Supports: Fisher House at Lackland AFB & The Vets Who Assemble The Pens
  • Proceeds: 30% to Fischer House, 20% to the assembling Veteran

    7.62 Ink Pen Cross

    7.62 Ink Pen

    7.62 Ink Pen To Whom it may Concern

    What better way to support some vets who are helping themselves, and have a swag-ass ink pen? So like any true pig-humper (see infantry/grunt definition/translation below- I promise it’s not what it sounds like) would say, “Getcha some! Yeah baby getcha some!”

    See you on the high ground,

    Infantry to English translation for:
    [pig huhmp-er]
    Infantry vernacular for “machine gunner“. “Pig”- slang for the old M-60 machine gun. “Humper”- a person who humps derived from the infantry lingo to hump or to carry.
    As used: “Private Snuffy is the best pig-humper in all of 2nd Battalion!”