Warning: If you’re as dull witted as we are and enjoy watching fish do…. well what fish do- then do we have a video for you! If not, I don’t know what to tell you.

So, the other day I stopped by the closest thing that I can call a “local” fly shop. It’s only about an hour away and it’s always worth the drive to see my boys over at Living Waters Fly Fishing. Turns out, the shop has a new mascot aside from Cluck Norris, the stuffed rooster sitting on a shelf. The shop has yet to confirm or deny if anyone has been able to smuggle out any stray hackle from our feathery friend… but I digress.

In the fish tank at the shop that was finally cleaned out is a Guadalupe Bass and a particularly shy yet aggressive Sunfish. I caught them right at feeding time and was able to see all the action. Content with a new reel, fly line, dinner and a movie I left as giddy as I was to get there.

Thanks fellas!

See you on the high ground,