I’ve been meaning to post a follow-up on the Chinook Cat (modified Flying Cat), and I’m happy to report on its success. However, in the endeavor to test it out I’ve been able to spend more time on my recently acquired Diablo Paddlesports kayak too. Rest assured- yes, both are fly.

What I enjoy most about fly fishing from my Chupacabra is the obvious; standing up. You can’t beat the view. Fish you’d normally get too close to before you could see them become fair game with a good cast.



Speaking of good casts… I need to better my cast as much as the next guy I figure. We all have things we can do better in the swing. The Chinook Cat I will say isn’t the easiest on 3wt glass, but it can be done. I prefer to throw it more with my 5wt. Bottom line, it is effective on Lower Colorado River Bass.





Articulation is where it’s at!

See you on the high ground,