I’ve already posted a couple of photos of my new CamelBack Eddy water bottle on the twitter- but this is why the AirborneAngler blog was started.

Because sometimes 140 characters just ain’t enough.

To be honest I’m not a big fan of drinking water- but CamelBacks have a unique way of forcing hydration on you. If you’ve ever worn one you know what I mean. Fill this Eddy bottle up and carry it around, it’ll be empty in no time. It’s just how it works.

Now, I believe in flying your colors. While I have dozens of stickers I could throw on this. Two jumped out. And maybe I’m being a little stingy on committing swag to gear- but sometimes less is more.


No one knows that more than Diablo Paddlesports and Howler Brothers.


Swag on my friends.

See you on the high ground,