Vincent Wilcox’s articulated fly “Dingle-Berry” – Trailer from AirborneAngler on Vimeo.

I’m at it again folks. More moving pictures, fly tying and playing around on the iPad.

Front and center here’s a trailer I worked up on a fly tying video to come. This little number (sizes 10 and 14) is my modified makings of Vincent Wilcox’s “Dingle-Berry.”

Being named Dingle-Berry, also called and sold by Idylwilde as the “Hanging Chad,” Vance says in his book about this articulated dry fly that:

Perhaps [Idylwilde] figured that my reference to a dangling piece of feces would be uninviting to anglers or maybe that the paper ballot scandal of the 2000 presidential election in the state of Florida was more readily recognized by anglers age 30 and over.

-Vince Wilcox’s Naturally Artificial Signature Flies

Regardless of the name- this is a fly I had to tie. You may note its striking resemblance to the Wilcox JC Special.

Hope you like the trailer.

See you on the high ground,