Tying A Clouser Minnow For White Bass from AirborneAngler on Vimeo.

Well Troopers, here’s the latest workings from AirborneAngler HQ and another addition to Project: Whiskey Bravo. I present to you my first attempt at a fly tying video.

Standby by and brace yourselves. This is some muy-muy amateur work here. It’s done simply on my iPad and GoPro. But I have to be honest I’m kind of impressed too.

Am I bragging?

Hell no.

My point? You can do it too! Think GIECO… so easy, a grunt can do it.

The Clouser Minnow works on a wide variety of fish but also does very well on White Bass. Tie it somewhat sparse- best color options are grey on white or all white. Hope this video helps beginning fly tying fanatics fin-addicts, or at least inspires advanced tiers to make their own moving pictures.

Sound off below and please let me know what you think!

Clouser Minnow:
Hook: Tiemco TMC 9394
Size: 10
Eyes: Large Silver Bead Chain
Thread: Grey UTC 140
Flash: Pearl Krystal Flash
Body 1: White Hairline Dubbin Arctic Fox
Body 2: Grey Hairline Dubbin Arctic Fox
*CCG (Clear Cure Goo) optional as head cement.

See you on the high ground,