Peg one up on the board folks, Whiskey Bravo is confirmed… I say again, Whiskey Bravo confirmed!


That’s right team, I got my first white bass on the fly! I made a trip back out to the San Gabriel River because the white bass action has been picking up. While it’s just a the males making the trek up river right now- it’s an indication of the blitz en masse soon to follow.

However, here’s what’s been fun about my little Project: Whiskey Bravo and fly fishing in general… it’s all about the adventure it takes you on and the places you go. Otherwise what other reason would I have to find Circleville, Texas?




But the wadable piece of river I hit down a little path next to an open field was just glorious; a little hidden treasure stowed away in plain sight. Was it the most glorious fish? Well, no but it was my first white bass and it had me grinning ear to ear like a kid again. Very reminiscent of my first fish and perhaps only special to me. But special none the less.



Hoping you’re having your own adventures!

See you on the high ground,