I took President’s Day this week to hit the San Gabriel River in hopes of a chance contact with some early Whiskey Bravo (aka White Bass). With all the reading-up I’ve been doing combined with some warmer weather- I was getting trigger happy and ready to let loose a cast mit fly down river.


Lessons I learned on the water:
1) I am not the only one with Whiskey Bravo fever. The White Bass run in these parts is a serious game.
2) Just because it seems everyone is fishing on the same day does not mean everyone is catching. Watch and learn from those who are- even if it’s not fly fishing. Don’t let that get to you.
3) White Bass can be picky. They eat smaller flies lower than the larger/lighter clouser minnows I made before hand.

While I did hook up with one white bass, I did not get him to the yak. Few others anglers it seemed were reeling them in cast after cast. Bottom line: back to the drawing board and do it again.



Now after tying night at the local fly shop and a reload on some Hareline Dubbin material- I’m ready for another strafing run. I’ve updated my project board, have more intel, and the chase is on! Fire for effect!

See you on the high ground,