Howler Brothers did something awesome today.

If you keep up with team Howler you’ve already seen their awesome vintage buckles. They’re pretty damn sweet and I may or may not already have hoarded own half of a ’58 Texas license plate. Ok, yes I do.

But getting your hands on the latest HowlerBros Texas plate buckle release just got a click easier… kinda.

See, instead of going to the Howler store online only to see that you’ve missed the opportunity because a quick draw hoarder like myself already has all the pieces you want- now you have a chance to fight for it. Or click and bid at least anyway.

Howler Brothers has released a ’73 TEXAS BAIT SHRIMP LICENSE PLATE as seen above from their email announcement sent this morning. But to make something this awesome that much cooler- they’re available by bid thru eBay with raised benefits going to support Costal Conservation Association Texas.

From the email release:

“These plates were sold as bait shrimping licenses to commercial fishermen by the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department up until 1995, after which no new commercial bait shrimping licenses were available under a limited entry program authorized by the Texas Legislature. Since then, the TPWD and the CCA have enacted a buyback program to purchase bait shrimping licenses from willing fishermen in an effort to decrease over fishing, reduce bycatch mortality, and rebuild and protect the Gulf ecosystem.”

How do you not bid on that?

Official Howler Brothers email release.


See you on the high ground,