Greetings All from AirborneAngler HQ!

The recent weather we’ve had down here (not sure who coined it a Polar Vor-Texas) has kept many of us in Texas us off the road. Literally. We don’t drive when it ices because we end up off the road in a ditch. Or in my case, I stay off the road to avoid all the rouge-bogie-kamikazes making a bee-line directly for the curb. But I digress.

Being cooped up and tying flies has had me thinking about the spring and the warmer weather around the corner. It means white bass! Something missing on my punch list of targets acquired. So like any good Joe I’ve begun my priorities of work, initiated some troop leading procedures, and recalled the 5 Principles of Patrolling (Planning, Recon, Security, Control, and Common Sense).

I’m on the patrol for some white bass (hence forth now code named Whiskey Bravo.), and that’s what I’m planning on this spring.

The above picture is where I’m currently at with my project board. I plan on some trips to the fly shop, getting intel on flies to tie, and posting all kinds of motivational goodness until my target is acquired. So stay tuned, more to follow.

Which by the way, anyone remember the “WB” network frog? This made me laugh and when I find my Whiskey Bravo I’ll be sure to sing, “Hello my baby, hello my honey…” Ha.

See you on the high ground,