There is a reason why the first fly many beginning tiers learn is the Woolly Bugger; it’s simplicity and effectiveness. I tied my first woolly bugger at a Bass Pro Shop in Houston, Tx. I was set upon learning to tie and needed a vice. When I asked the associate in the fly shop what pattern would be a good one to learn on- this is what he showed me. It was an ugly red and white one just to separate the colors and see what went where, but I wish I kept it.

Tonight as I sat at the vice I searched for something new to tie. Yet with a book of a hundred patterns in front of me- something of nostalgia gripped me and this is all I wanted to tie. Maybe it was a need for the grunt anthology to “Keep It Stupid Simple”, but I look forward to the fish I know these woolly buggers can catch.

These are in OD Green.

See you on the high ground,