On trying…

It’s not always going to be easy. So when the guys at Living Waters Fly Fishing told me that Wilcox’s JC Special wasn’t easy- I believed them but had to try anyway.

The below result is a series of 6 attempts on the right to match the purchased fly on the left; Wilcox’s JC Special. Wait- there’s only 4 flies to the right you say? That’s because 2 were DX’d, decommissioned, and thrown away. Also, ignore the fact that one is missing a pinch of elk hair I forgot to tie in.

Give it a shot.

Pro Tip: don’t tie the post too close to the eye, you’ll run out of room. Tie it about halfway down the shank. And don’t ask why but tying the hackle counter clockwise helps.



Wilcox’s JC Special:
Hook: Tiemco TMC 212Y
Size: 13
Body: Sparkle Braid MGD Black
Thorax: Ice Dub UV Dun
Tail: Elk hair
Legs: Rubber legs- speckled grey
Wings: Antron yarn- pink, yellow, & orange
Hackle: Grizzly

See you on the high ground,