It seems every time I get a new flybox I have the sudden need for a new pattern to tie. This recent acquisition of an another Umpqua flybox had me itching for something new. Something I hadn’t tried yet.


The Weekender UPG flybox gave me an idea for a pattern right off the top. Literally. The top bulleted comment on package read, “Big Dries to the Tiniest Midges.”

It wasn’t a midge I had in mind- but tiny seemed the way to go. That’s when the idea for a scud came in.


Surprisingly tying a scud is not that hard. There is a challenge to be said however for doing small work. In fact, the first attempt I made ended up being sacrificed to the snip it cup. But after fooling with the copper wire and thin skin some- I fat fingered my way thru it.


While some of these aren’t the prettiest scuds ever seen- I do know I have one up’d my fly tying skills a touch. I’m even thinking this could be a gateway fly to some more small work. We’ll see.

The how-to video I learned from came off of a favorite I saved on the twitter a while back. Thank you Orvis and Tightline Productions. I substituted some materials and colors, but overall I am relatively please with the end results. Which ends up working out well because there is plenty of UPG Weekender left to tie for and fill up.



Other items of special note that I dig about the Weekender are the magnetic compartments and slim design. The foam slits accommodate multiple sizes of flies without wasting space. This effect this leaves me a variety of flies to load up on without being overloaded. Who can argue that?

Haven’t tied a scud before? Watch the video below. Its so easy “even a grunt can do it”. Don’t have a sweet Umpqua UPG Weekender flybox? Go get one. But be forewarned- you may end up with me in meetings. “Hi, my name is and I have a flybox addiction.”

See you on the high ground,

Simple Scud from Tightline Productions on Vimeo.