I’ve been waiting on the Howler Brother’s Texas vintage license plate buckle to release and it’s here! The “Texa” portion of the buckle is already sold out! But I was able to purchase the “TRUCK” section.

If you want a piece of this sweet limited edition Howler Brothers vintage license plate you need to stop reading this and order now! (See coupon code below in bold!) With my order I also added the Talisman fleece because the days here have began to get a bit chilly. Then to make things even better I was able to save some coin by adding discount code “TFM13” at check out. This 20% awesomeness of a discount code is courtesy of the Fiberglass Manifesto blog. Thanks Cam!

Released with Texas this week was the State of Colorado. Other states already released include Montana, Florida, Wyoming, and the Bahamas. Had I not been on their email list I could have completely missed out on Texas all together. Some things you just have to subscribe to… this and the AirborneAngler would be examples of such.

See you on the high ground!

Above photo obtained from Howler Brothers product page.


Yes. Yes. Yes. You may now officially call me a Howler hoarder. But please don’t hate. I haven’t completely thought out what to do with it except that I didn’t like not getting the “Texa” part. So I needed more.


Shadow box?

Blog give away?

Ideas welcome.