I saw this pattern on Facebook last night and had to give a go at it. It’s Chip’s Peeper Frog. If you learn anything like me, you have to screw things up a few times before you get it right. So undeterred, unadvised… and probably ill advised I set to the vice anyways.

I’ve just begun to tie popper patterns and play with foam. So this, while maybe poorly executed (sorry Chip), was a fun endeavor and has given me a new fly tying objective. How else are you going to grow as an angler without trying something new? When I get Chip’s Peeper Frog done right I’ll be sure to share again.

(FYSA, I did not have the specified tying material and substituted/opt for what I had on hand- duck flank and marabou blood quil. It will definitely change the presentation on the water- but it was worth it for the learning curve.)

Has anyone else tied it or can share any tricks/techniques?