You can’t see it- but I’m doing the happy dance… over a cooler. Better yet, a NFL end zone dance on the cooler. I’m a heavy trooper too but because it’s not just any cooler it can take it.

Because it’s a Yeti.

There’s enough reviews on Yeti coolers and how great they are. That’s not what this post is about. It’s about me having one. A Yeti of my own. It’s about the anticipation of the road ahead. The adventures we’ll have and the places we’ll be. That and is a gear junkie’s dream.

So to show it some love and rep Austin-Awesome, Texas-America I’ve tagged it with a @HowlerBros Jolly Roger monkey. It fits nicely methinks like crosshairs on center mass of a target.

And it feels good to buy local.

See you on the high ground,