Everything I’ve ever needed to know about the Infantry I learned in kindergarten.

We share. Food, equipment, ammunition.

We color. Maps. Overlays.

We sing. Cadence. Latest hit songs on the radio.

We fit square pegs in round holes when it just has to fit.

And we match colors really well. Camouflage. Patterns. Deception. Here is an area where the Airborne and the Angler overlap… match the hatch. Airborne see, angler do.


Over the last two weeks I’ve been conducting a recon of the Lower Colorado River hitting up all the back roads looking for access. Between small town Texas to small town Texas the target area is nearly all private access with few exceptions. What there is plenty of right now is grasshoppers.


With hopper season in full effect I set to the vise after some intel updates from my local fly shop. Their recommendation- the Llano Bug, a hopper fly pattern/Hill Country Fly Fishers’ special. The Llano Bug kit (thank goodness for those) contains everything you need to include a DVD instruction video to boot. Made simple enough for a grunt like me.


Now, tying flies has not been my first passion in fly fishing. In fact, I was down right shamed into it when on a trip a grade schooler pipped off about catching their first fish on a self tied fly. It wasn’t so much that the kid could do it- it was that I had thus far lacked the discipline to do it. It was a hard pill to swallow. After a few YouTube videos it was monkey see monkey do. A reoccurring theme in my learning curve.

Since then I have a greater appreciation for the art and all the fish they bring.






Now, time at vice is almost child’s play. Remember trading baseball cards or lunch time snacks? We call them Fly Swaps now… and the Llano Bug is a new best friend.

See you on the playground high ground,