Ammo for tomorrow’s One Fly Tourney on Brushy Creek is ready to rock!

Rain or shine tomorrow I get to fish. Being constricted to one fly I have to choose wisely. I can think of no other fly for a multi-species event like this other than the Flying Cat. However, after an information prep of the battle field- I know the flying cat will have to be modified. Brushy Creek is a smaller body of water than I normally hit and so are the fish. So, there is a new minor addition to the flying cat family; which leaves us with a litter of kittens. Literally, its the flying kitten.


This is the second modification I’ve made to this fly. Mod-1 I went big and created the monster cat size 6, a step up from the original size 8 streamer hook. It also included adding some Woolley booger hackle for body. For Brushy Creek tomorrow I need to rotate to the other end of the spectrum and dial it down a notch. For Mod-2 I bring you the flying kitten, size 10. Just a drop down from the original.

I’ll take luck over skill any day, so wish me luck tomorrow!

See you on the high ground,

So, Dave gave me some good advise for a 1 fly tourney- add a weed guard.

The second one there is for my buddy Jason fishing with me tomorrow. If he wins off a fly I tied I might be just as happy as if I won. Maybe. Ha.