This is why I love these things. Texas River Bum “Flying Cat” flies never say die. If you know me, you know I fish these a lot. And while I haven’t fished much lately, I like to think I get out there more than most. All that being said- I hate when a fly falls apart. In fact I hate losing flies period. If I am going to take 15 minutes of my life to create a fly (I tie super slow- Flying Cats can be tied quicker), I want a return on that investment. That means fish can gnaw on it all day, and I’ll be damed if I lose it to a tree, underwater log, or any other operator error or malfunction. Yes, I am stupid when it comes to losing flies- I just won’t do it.

Last weekend the poor flying cat above finally gave up the ghost. It was a moment of shock, awe, and pride when marabou fell out as I removed some river seaweed garbage from the shank. Shock because what had happened, awe because of how many trips that fly survived, and pride that I hadn’t lost it for so long that it could fall apart.


Little buddy you served me well! You are nearby honorably discharged!

Cue taps…. and I’m out!

See you on the high ground,

Material List:
#8 Nymph Hook, 3X long
200 Denier UTC Ultra GSP thread, Black
Krystal Flash, Gold
Marabou, Black
Ultra Chenille, Olive
5/32″ Brass Eyes, Gold
Grizzly Hen Hackle, Olive