“One last cast,” that’s what I told myself as I cast my new, super-short, 3wt fly rod. I went to Brushy Creek for lunch because the itch to learn the feel of my Cabela’s CGR fiberglass rod was insatiable. The short 5’9″ set up was exactly what I needed working this creek. Like many waters running through the Texas Hill Country, Brushy Creek is exactly that- brushy, overgrown with not-a-lotta room to work with. Clearance is limited and this little glass fly rod was just the ticket to tackle it.


The only fish that came to hand was a nice little bass. The fun thing I am learning on fiberglass is how the rod doubles over no matter the size of fish. When I said one last cast (again)- I double checked my watch. If I didn’t run back to the office- literally run… I wasn’t going to make my one o’clock meeting. Not allowed to be late I did like any good paratrooper would do; I did the airborne shuffle back on in.

I made it on time… barely.

Foolish as it may have been to risk being late for a lunch time fish- making it on time by the skin of my teeth made that little bass that much larger.

Go fish something.

See you on the high ground,