Spoiler Alert: The contents of this post contain non-traditional fly fishing techniques. Purist read at your own risk.


What is micro worming? Well, I call it dirty fly fishing- but fly fishing none the less. It’s simple, high-stick-dead-drift a Texas rigged soft plastic worm on a bone fish hook… and voilá! You are micro worming.

Purist argument- it’s not fly fishing. Not a dry fly. You didn’t tie it. Dirty dirty dirty.

Rebuttal: If you don’t tie your own flies already- you have no room to talk. Just my opinion. So, purists may have a point there in the fly. For non purists, it’s just another underwater pattern. However, the technique, high-stick-dead-drifting is a fly fishing technique; and the delivery system is still a fly rod and fly line.

So, what’s not fly fishing about?

Maybe you can call it more fly catching? All I know is this technique is deadly on Small Mouth Bass and Guadalupe Bass.


If the guy who taught me this wants credit for this technique- admit your guilt in the comments below. I’ll reference, cite, and hyperlink below for the annals of history to credit your infamy fame. If you want to deny the genius of the dirty worm and hide in shame- I’ll never admit your name rhymes with ‘Dave’.


See you on the high ground,

UPDATED: I found this dirty little secret here.