New fly boxes demand new flies. Not by merit of the box being new- but in the likely scenario that it’s a larger fly box and there’s more space for more flies. So let the fly tying begin!

In stalking Redhorse and Carp for the Texas Hill Country Mixed Bag Tourney– I’ve learned to tie a new fly for my casting arsenal.
Disclaimer- sharpshooters be warned; I suck at tying flies and as with many things in life I learn misguided. Or in cases of less failure- by the numbers, crawl, walk, run.

The intent here is to tie a fly both a Carp and a Redhorse are willing to take; dual purpose. For the clever- you now understand this jacked up hybrid fly’s nomenclature: OD Damsel-DP.
To be clear, I am a fan of neither Carp or Redhorse suckers. However, i personally believe fly tying adds a new dynamic to the full enjoyment of fly fishing. So if and when I catch a Carp or Redhorse on one of my own self tied flies- I’ll be proud I caught it on a OD Damsel-DP; size 16.

See you on the high ground,