Well it’s about time isn’t it? No I was not lost out on patrol- but I was on patrol fly fishing the heck out of my float tube. Only until yesterday- I had nothing to report.

I’ve been out handfuls of times since the last Texas Hill Country Mixed-Bag battle tracking update flutter kicking my float tube up and down the river. In short I will cover the near-misses.

There was a 10″ fresh water drum I was excited about on the Colorado River I caught a few weeks back.


The excitement was short lived when I checked to see that 14″ was the minimum. But the biggest near miss was my cell phone; a $500.00 fail. Out on the Guadalupe River just above Canyon Lake I met up with an old Airborne buddy to chase- well anything with fins. That excitement was also short lived when I dropped my Otterbox encased phone into 11′ of water. Repeated dives did not even recover the body. Although we grabbed randomly and several rocks near the same shape and size.

Lastly, I’d show you a picture of a near miss trout, but the Guadalupe hasn’t been kind to me and I don’t have one of those either. 3 skunk attempts tells me she does not like me. So why, with all this failure am I posting you ask?

Because I win.


I mean that I’ve won a moral victory anyway- the contest isn’t over yet but I’m riding high back in second! Judges will likely have to confirm that it is Guadalupe Bass, but man was this one a beaut. Dave and I spent 13 hours on the water and this unconfirmed Guadalupe Bass was caught roughly within the first half hour. That’s all the points the Guad would cough up for me that day. But even if it gets reassigned to a smallie- it’s only worth more points.


See you on the high ground,

***Update*** As it turns out my Guadie is in fact judged to be a Smallmouth Bass. ***That is all***