PFC is not just a rank in the Army of Private First Class. It should also be an acronym for every angler. That acronym being, Pre Fishing Checklist- Pro Tip, write that down.

This past weekend I made a trip down to the Llano River over in Castell, Teaxs. It’s a beautiful stretch of the Llano river marked by stretches of rocky veins networking through the water. The clear water and the deep scattered pools are well known for holding the precious Texas Guadalupe Bass. A Guad was exactly what I was looking for too. I needed one for the Mixed Bag tourney.

Listen anglers, I’m going to make an admission I may have mentioned before. Brace yourself because it goes against our mantra of the early bird gets the worm. Or, er, the early angler gets the fish. Whatever- but I hate mornings. I am not the get up at o’dark thirty type and my sergeants have always hated me for that. When I did get up an hour late I loaded up as fast as I could and hauled on over to the Llano river.

What I baffled me more than the Rooster hanging out in front of the General Store was that I forgot my reel. My options?
a) go back home and call it a loss,
b) go home and get my reel for a 5hr round trip, or
c) purchase the Shakespeare 3pc set at the General Store for fifty bones.

Begrudgingly I opted for option C.

I’m accustom to my Ross reel and Rio line. But- while not pretty, the reel (which is just a line holder anyways) served its purpose. While I was not impressed with the “fly line” that came with the set- it too served its purpose.

So when in a pinch and in too long of a pickle… Shakespeare will sustain you. Or you cam conduct PFCs. You didn’t actually think I’d be quoting old Bill did you?

See you on the high ground,