Anglers ATTTTENNNTION! Well folks, the end of the Everyday in May challenge is here. First let me thank all of you who have been reading. I appreciate ever view, to every post, and every comment. Daily blogging is no joke! I feel a sense of accomplishment in having completed this.

A big thanks to How Small a Trout for issuing the Everyday in May challenge. I hope I am a better writer for this. Also, the prompts flowed well even though I didn’t always stick to them. (I know it wasn’t required but they did help.)

Lastly, thanks to all the fish who make this blog possible. I wouldn’t be able to do this without you. As a disclaimer I will state: no fish where harmed in the making of this blog.

So, as always…
I’ll see you on the high ground,

Today’s topic of Accomplishments is a prompt of the Everyday in May challenge. For more info click here. For all AirborneAngler Everyday in May posts click here.