As a grunt is typically unrefined, so is his philosophy. Do not doubt for one second however that he has one. He does.

My fish philosophy is simple. It’s rather a collection of thoughts and a few principles I try to go by. They are by no means the letter of the law or a platform for me to preach on. As such, the collection below constitutes my developing fish philosophy in no particular order. (Dry fly purist trout fishermen beware.)

-If you are not having fun you are not fishing.
-If fly fishing was easy everyone would do it.
-Respect the water. Leave no trace.
-Respect the fish. Catch and release. Or, waste not want not.
-Tie your own flies. It’s more rewarding. If you don’t- at least you’re not bait fishing.
-More than trout take flies.
-Life is full of problems, fish trough it.
-Fly fishing is one part art, one part science.
-Photograph your quarry quickly. Ensure the fish survival. Let them recoup and then release.
-Get on the water as much as you can. Travel and find new places. Pieces of heaven are found here on earth.

See you on the high ground,

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