I’ve gone Howler green! In teaching equality in the infantry we often jest and say that there are only two kinds of soldiers- light green and dark green. The moral being we are all green. Regardless of being light green or dark green we all need to wear camouflage and sunscreen. Well, now I say y’all need to go Howler green like me. It’s good protection from the sun.

Protection from the sun is important to everyone; airborne and angler alike. Now there are some out there (prior to myself included) who are hard headed about protection from the sun. I hate wearing oily, greasy, nasty sun screen. And long sleeves never seem the option until I tried out the Howler Bros Loggerhead Longsleeve (in Tuscan green of course- closest thing to OD they had).

I think the shirt is aptly named because I was a loggerhead before not being concerned about sun protection. Here’s what I like about it: 1) it’s light weight; 2) I can wear it on or off the water; 3) but most of all- the thumb loops!

I did two separate outing trips to try this thing out. I thought I couldn’t be sold on long sleeves in the beginning stages of the impending Texas heat- I was wrong. The micro mesh adds the right amount of light weight sun barrier protection to keep you from burning your biscuits- thus keeping you cooler than sans-sleeves. Then, because it’s not water logging cotton it dries fast as an added on bonus. I just happen to like the thumb loops for the comfort factor my issued silk shirt has.

I’ll be ordering the Diamond (light khaki) colored one by payday. It’s worth the price if you can fork for it. (Brace yourself- kinda.) Don’t lie and say you can’t. You lie because you’re an angler. You fly fish already so you can probably cut it. And like I said- its worth it. Field tested and angler approved!

See you on the high ground,

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