Bugs. Critters. Creepy-crawlers. We tie things to look like them- call them flies, and we fish with them. But sometimes bugs catch more than trout. They catch people too. We call them stomach bugs!

This is a completely non-fly fishing review. I don’t care your party affiliation but you need to catch an episode of HBO’s the “Veep.” If you watch the show you’ll see it’s nothing to do with left or right- just good humor. Episode two the ‘Veep’, (Julia Louis-Dreyfus), catches a stomach bug that’s floating along through DC area and the Hill. That’s my my lame tie into today’s Everyday In May topic prompt. However, if you dare attempt to take my word you won’t regret it. Having been in dire need of a laugh the award moments and dry humor did manage to crack a smile.

See you on the high ground,

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