Anglers attttttennnntion! Take your seats folks and welcome to another Deadman’s Cast interview. This week we are excited to have Fishing Pro Tim Emery, twitter handle @TimFishmanEmery, on the grill this week. Settle in as we fish filet Fishman into a fish taco- peeking into the ‘what if’ scenario if today he cast his last cast.

AirborneAngler (AA): Tim, welcome, thank you for agreeing to meet up with the troopers on AirborneAngler and surprise- you’re dead!

TimFishmanEmery (TE): O Shit’ that was fast! I was just staring at the water and now I am dead?

AA: Yup, happens that easy around here. So, we haven’t decided how to polish you off just yet. I want to get a feel for the kind of angler you are. But I will let you decide on the body of water you get waxed at. So, where are you on your final day on the water?

TE: I have known this for years! I am driving down a river looking for rising fish. Not sure which river, more then likely the Eagle River near Vail, CO. All of the sudden I see a rise and veer off the road. Bye, Bye!


AA: That’s a possibility. But maybe knowing how, when, and where you picked up fly fishing can help us determine your fate. Tell us all how you got into chunking mock-up variants of fish food.

TE: Vail, 1995- I met a guy who’s good friend was a fly fisherman. He was a fly fisherman. I spent the summer chasing them around. Didn’t catch my first fish until October that year. Man I thought these guys were great fisherman, turns out they didn’t really know what they were doing. I spent the next winter teaching my self how to fly fish. The next spring I met a guy who owned a fly guide service, I told him I could fish. (I was a ski teacher at the time) he figured I knew what I was talking about. Boy was he wrong, he took me to do a corporate event for training, once we were done he looked at me and said “I hired you to guide and you don’t know how to F@#king cast! I said, F@#king teach me” He did and the rest is history. 18 years later, all I want to do is fly fish anytime I can. Even when driving a car off a cliff!

AA: Sounds like you’ve already had one near death experience. But here, we won’t let any raging mad employer have the privilege. Nope this is your fault. We’re going with the veering car and rising fish. So on your decent into the drink your laser beam focus sees a rising fish go full gusto and leap from the water. What species is it specifically and why?

TE: Trout, doesn’t matter what kind. Why? Because the only other fish in the mountains are White Fish and they leave a shitty slime on you. Plus, trout love to eat flies!

AA: Still in a slow motion, almost parachute decent, do you:
a) continue drooling?
b) reach over into the passenger seat for your rod case and rig up?
c) snap out of it and start a Hail Mary or other prayer of choice?
d) ride it out and use the vehicle as a pontoon boat and fish the rest of the day down river?

TE: B and D. I can rig in 8 sec. and use the car as a boat. If there is one fish rising there must be more.


AA: I like your logic. How long do your people wait to call for and send out a search party? Who makes that phone call?

TE: My wife would make the call, she gets a call every morning and night from me, I have 2 small kids they are more important then anything to me. If I don’t call, they will be the first ones in the search party. Good to be loved!

AA: Yes, indeed. Glad to see your a family man. Well, the search party finally locates your final resting place. Your local flyshop commissions a memorial at the location. What is it of and how does the inscription read?

TE: It’s already been planned! (no really) I want a big boulder in the middle of the South Platte River in Denver. I have put a lot of time in to creating an urban fishery in Denver. I spent 5 years working with Denver Trout Unlimited to create and run The South Platte Pro-Am Carp Slam! This tournament has raised over $100,000 for the river. Yes, we use Carp to bring awareness to the Trout. This was hard for Trout Unlimited to understand at first but now they are on board! By the way, have you caught Carp on the fly yet?

AA: No, I haven’t but recently the Texas Hill Country Mixed Bag tourney I’m in has me putting them in the crosshairs. Carp Slam sounds like quite an accomplishment and like you deserve a momument! That’s pretty awesome. While I can’t build you your momunment I can give you an AirborneAngler award. It reads: “Attention to orders! The department of Fly Anglers hereby hypothetically postumously awards the Airmoble Vehicular Assault award, with V device for Valor, to Tim Emery for his actions during the battle of Rising Road Trout on Eagle River. During Tim’s decent he was relentless in his actions to rig up and take the fight to the fish. Never did he surrender his reel or rod. His actions bring great credit uopn himself, the flies he flung, and the fly fishing community. Awarded the 17th Day of May 2012. Signed by my hand, AirborneAngler, Fly Angler of the Texas Hill Country.”

Tim, thanks for joining us today on Deadman’s Cast.

You can follow the Fishman before the afterlife on Facebook, Twitter at @TimFishmanEmery and/or catch his podcasts at He’ll friend anyone with fish in their profle. Tim would also like to give a shout out to He says they have a new skiff coming out that will be a great boat for sight fishing carp and other fish. Until next time- I am signing off.

See you on the high ground,

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