Oh yeah ya! Exciting things are in the works at AirborneAngler HQ! New to the tool kit arsenal is a GoPro HD Hero- locked and loaded ready for cam. Plus today is thursday. So now its GoPro Thursday.

That’s right. So expect crummy videos while I try to field test this thru my next few outings. I played with it some today and I got to say, AirborneDaddy likey.

The bass above unfortunately is not a still shot from the GoPro. As Murphy’s Law of Combat Angling states in rule 12: “No fish shall be captured on film day one of camera purchase.”

And additionally, rule 42: “The batteries will always die one minute before you catch the skunk breaking fish. No more, no less- one minute.”

Write those down. That is all.

See you on the high ground,

Today’s topic of GoPro Thursday is a modified prompt of the Everyday in May challenge. For more info click here. For all AirborneAngler Everyday in May posts click here.