For the Everyday in May blogging challenge prompt of “Leader”- I am doing a review on the leaders I use by Rio products.

I have simple criteria for my gear and what’s in my kit bag. I am an infanrtyman, not a scientist, pro angler (not yet), or vendor. I am user. So, my equipment and my things have to be grunt proof.

Grunt Proof: /grənt pro͞of/.
Adjective: Able to withstand harsh treatment in austere environments by typically intellectually inept users. Simply- lacking complexity.

Down and dirty these are simply strong leaders. Again, I are grunt. Me no scientist. So I won’t speak on the Mono and Fluorocarbon properties to rhyme and reason why they are so strong- I just know they are. I typically use a 3x or 4X as my general purpose weight on Texas Hill Country rivers. You can argue suggested leaders weights- but this works for me.

Next, let’s talk about price point. Look, I make soldier’s wages and not doctor’s, or lawyer’s salary. So, price can be a factor in this; my chosen, paycheck-eating, cash-bleeding passion. But to be honest I really don’t pay attention to the price. (Side note, RIO this does not give you full fledged liberty to jack up the MSRP. Thank you!) But, I know its reliable so wheather I’m at the big box stores or a local fly shop I look for the brand. There is no brain work invovled in the decision and I know they work and I know they are worth my nickle. So there is a brand loyalty in play.

Lastly, on the note of brand loyalty- its easy to be loyal to those loyal to you. This may have nothing to do with the quality of their product, but instead with the quality of thier character. On Twitter I saw someone ask them to mail them a sticker. Their response was “send me your address, its in the mail.” Free-stuff bells and whistles went off screaming on my radar. I have a project boat I am not at the moment working on. So I asked if they could hook a trooper up and send me one too. So they don’t lose all their hard earned profits in shipping fees and free stickers I won’t “repeat” all what they sent and say it again. Lie. But I felt appreciated as a customer and it made me apprecaite them. What do they get in return? An AirborneAngler endorsement! Yeah baby!

I’ll see you on the high ground,

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