Here is a remix to an old song from the John Wayne movie Rio Bravo.

My Fly Rod, Pickup, and Me

The sun is sinking in the west,
a hatch going on down the stream.
A Largemouth settles in its bed,
it’s time for an angler to dream.

Tight lines in the riffles,
that’s where I long to be.
With my three good companions,
my fly rod, pickup, and me.

Gonna hang one more leader,
on the limb of a tree.
Coming home Sweetheart-Darling,
just my fly rod, pickup, and me.

There’s a Smallie in the riffle,
outta reach of my cast you see.
Riding down to the pool now,
just my fly rod, pickup, and me.

No more fish to be netting,
no more hatches will I see.
Round the bend she’ll be waiting,
for my fly rod, pickup, and me;
For my fly rod, my pickup, and me.

See you on the high ground,

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