Today’s installment of the Everyday in May challenge: Mother’s Day Misfire at Mansfield Dam.

Apologies first for this not being a touching Mother’s Day post. Did you check the name of the blog though? Mother’s day operations having been completed (like a good son) I found myself with half a day out on the water.

The night before I received the recommendation to hit Mansfield Dam at the top end of Lake Austin. For reference for those unfamiliar with Texas Hill Country lakes- we don’t have any. We take rivers, dam them on both ends and call it a lake. Lake Austin then is really just the Colorado River boxed in between two dams. (That’s dam being said 5 times so far those counting.)

What did not come with the recommendation to hit the dam was intel on the condition of the water. With recent rain all our rivers were pretty much blown out so I was looking for somewhere new. When I hit the water boy was it cold! I felt like an ice cube in my float tube. Additionally, there was a lot of weedy-algae-spounge-like under growth everywhere. When I made my first gripe report back to my “source”, he informed me he had never been there before and to nut up.

So I did. I bounced around in tube but with not much to show. With the weeds below my Flying Cat arsenal was out of the fight. A chartreuse popper had no effects but a cypret minnow finally got the skunk avoiding ping. Hey fingerling bass count but the Redear made me feel better.

With morale low I bumped down to Bull Creek at the lower end of the lake. So far the dam was a misfire, but that wasn’t the biggest one to come. Long story short I lost a decent sized bass. Still not the misfire… wait for it. I lose plenty of fish; bad hook sets, spitting the hook, I mean it happens. Never before have I lost the hook in a fight. That’s the first half of this misfire. The second half is when I saw the same bass cruise by later. How did I know it was him? Because he was holding my Flying Cat like a Joe Camel in his mouth. True story! Misfire!

The water was clear enough for me to see it plainly and painfully. Which, by the way, makes it a good hook set. There was no immediate action drill I could do to recover from this. I wanted to take a picture- but as good as the iPhone camera is (near all my blog photos are take with my iPhone), it just wouldn’t have happened. So in reflex and in vain I sight cast to him. Yeah, I think he was done for the day. And so was I. Keep marching to the sounds of the guns!

See you on the high ground,

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