Waders? We don’t need no stinking waders.

Except for the span of about two weeks- that’s a true statement. I hear comments like leaky waders, and while I understand the premise, I just don’t get it. Waders are not really a requirement here in the lower southern states. Don’t get me wrong I actually own a pair- because I was visiting out-of-state for an extended period of time. Unfortunately, Sonic Pro waders were not on the market when I was in the market. I’m a gear junky and those are just cool. Moving on…

To be fair I’m actually going to do an honest write up on the topic. Cargo shorts are typically what I wear most. I have an old pair that I use for this because the nicer pairs I don’t want to ruin. So Pro grunt tip number one: Chose something expendable.

Swimming trunks may be better- but who likes built in under-roo’s? So rather than dealing with a wedgie I opt for the water absorbing cotton. Ideal? No, but does it have to be?

When the heat cranks up they work dual purpose redneck fashionable as well- both in and out of the water. Not some kind of neoprene shrink wrap “I’m a fly geek” statement. (No offense Matt.) But more of a functional and fashionable statement.

Lastly, pockets where you want them and you don’t have to worry about them leaking because you’re already wet. I say that’s a win all around. I will ask however you ignore my post yesterday about near hypothermia in May. Our weather can be crazy and like I said- I’m claiming a two week alibi on this. So I still have 13 days left.

See you on the high ground,

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