In the television memory reel of your mind flip back a channel and rewind to the show “Married with Children“. Remember the theme song? “Love and marriage, love and marriage.”

This is what my mind races to when I think about work and fly fishing. What/how? Try this, instead replay the song like this, “Work and fishing, work and fishing.” I know the knee jerk reflex is to say that the two don’t fit together like a horse and carriage. But, this I tell you brother, you can’t have one without the other.

Consider this, don’t they mutually support the need for the other? I mean nothing I do in the sport- even if it is cheap (relatively speaking) is really cheap after all. We say we tie our own flies to save money, and maybe we do. But is spending less money really saving? So how do we fund this sport? We take it out of hide and flip the bill to feed the additiction provided by our jobs. It’s ok, laugh anytime you agree.

Secondly, consider your work. Your foxhole in the office, job site, whatever. We may lie and say I love my job. But we’re fisherman which makes us liars by default.

“It was the biggest fish I had ever seen.”
“Man, that fish must have been this big.”
“I don’t care if I get skunked, I just like being on the water.”
“Honey, I won’t be out long.”

Need I go on? Look, not to say there aren’t any honest men among us (or ladies), but we can all easily admit- I’d rather be fishing. So save the I love my job speech for the boss. It’s not needed here. But if my job was as pleasant, scenic, and stress reliving as fly fishing- I probably wouldn’t need to fish to decompress. And how sick is it that fly fishing is decompression? I mean really?

Standby for run in sentence.

Ok, I’m going to spend hours at a vice to tie flies of which I will mostly lose, wake up before any living thing on earth, throw on waders to be in freezing waters, wave a stick in the air to fight the wind, in hopes of tricking a fish that my dead animal hair is really his favorite bug of choice/next meal, and then toss him back to do it again. Seriously?!

I mean seriously!?!

We do it to show the guys at work. The two need each other and feed off each other; they are mutally supportive. They are for me anyways- AirborneAngler. Need I say more?

If you display symptoms described in my run on sentence above, you really are sick. It’s called Terminal Angler Syndrome (TAS). It’s reel and effects lots of people. Seek help at any local fly shop, the doctor is in. How do you feel?

See you on the high ground,

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